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We are happy to provide our Current Members and those wishing to join our Chamber the same easy Application Form.  You can choose to pay online via our PayPal processing option or continue to mail in a check to secure all the benefits of Membership.

Follow these steps, paying particular attention to the specific Renewing or New Member instructions.  Please reach out to our Secretary if you have any questions or issues trying to submit this application.  We’ll be glad to assist you.

Application Instructions (click to expand)
  1. Begin by entering your Company Name
    • For New Members, please fill in all the company billing data
    • For Renewing Members, enter a few letters of your company name and tab out of the field. You should see your company as a choice to select and when you do, the application will prefill your company billing information on file.
  2. Review the data that you enter or is pre-filled for accuracy.
  3. Select your Membership Level for your business size.
  4. You will find a Processing Fee listed to cover the cost of the PayPal transaction.
    • If you are paying by check, you can ignore this fee.
  5. Your total due will be calculated and you can select your Payment Method.
    • PayPal so you can make an online payment using your credit or debit card. You will be directed to our Chamber PayPal fulfillment screen, follow the instructions as presented.
    • Check if you prefer to mail it into the Chamber.
  6. You can make renewals easy if you choose ‘Yes’ to auto-renew using the PayPal option and linking your PayPal account. Just follow the PayPal onscreen instructions on our Chamber PayPal fulfillment screen.
    • If you prefer annual invoicing, choose ‘No’ and we’ll remind you again next year!

* = Required

Business Details

Select Membership Level and Pay

 Yes, automatically renew my membership thru Paypal.
 No, I prefer to receive an invoice annually.


Note: You do not need a PayPal account to make a credit card payment UNLESS you choose ‘Yes’ to the Automatic Renewal option.  Just check out as a Guest if you choose ‘No’.

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