To all our Chamber Members and regional non-members, we invite you to check out our still somewhat new & revamped Burlington Chamber Banner Ad Program.

We have had many members support his program in the past few years and having longer banner ad time seems to be good based on anecdotal feedback this Secretary has heard.

Continuing with our July through December 2018 banners: (thank you Dornenburg & Kallenbach once again for the awesome designs), we will be keeping the banners up for 6-month time periods for the following reasons:

  • Maximum brand exposure for your business
  • Guaranteed to be up at a time when large crowds will be in the area (Memorial Day Parade, Carnival and Tavern Day to name a few)
  • Still very cost-effective, especially if you do a 2-sided banner
  • Reduces the production run costs to the Chamber, allowing us to better fund in-town events and Chamber programs (Business After Hours, Business for Breakfast, Membership Meetings, Annual Dinner, Scholarships, Read-A-Loud Books and more)
  • Only two (2) times per year will we need to devote time for creative, promotion and ordering

Please download the Sign-Up form today to see the program options, details and instructions.  If you have any questions, please get email me, the Chamber Secretary.

If you have any questions, please reach out and I’ll answer your questions.

DUE DATE:  Please get your order in ASAP, but the deadline is Friday, June 15th end of day.  This will give us enough time for the production run and for the Town Highway Department to get them installed.

Don’t delay, there is limited inventory (20-sides only) and they will be locked in on a first come, first served basis.

Our Chamber has done quite a bit in the past few years and we hope to do more.  The Banner Ad program is a great way to benefit your business brand as well as being a great financial tool for all we want to do at the Chamber.

Thank you and operators are standing by to take your orders…um, okay…I mean I will check my email for the orders as they arrive.  Sorry, a little excited about 6-months of brand awareness!

New Banner Images (Click for Full Image)


Click Image for Order Form (PDF)