If you are looking to unclutter and focus on running your business Ascentian Business Solutions has access to services for you. We offer payroll, human resources services, business insurance, and employee benefits to help you take control and grow your business.

Ascentian Business Solutions has access to providers of the following services, including but not limited to:

  • Payroll services
    • Time entry and tracking
    • Payroll processing
    • Tax management
    • Direct deposits
    • PTO tracking
  • Human Resources Services
    • New employee onboarding
    • Paid Time Off administration
    • Centralized communication
    • Performance management
    • Access to support for changing employment laws & regulations
  • Employee Benefits
    • Ability to offer benefit plans to your employees
    • Helps retain and attract staff
    • End to end enrollment, administration, and processing of benefits
  • Business Insurance
    • Suite of insurance to protect your business and personal assets
    • General liability, workers compensation, management, professional liability, crime, cyber liability

We feel confident that whatever impediments or obstacles stand in your way from your taking control of your business that Ascentian Business Solutions can find a solution.

Membership Level: 3 to 25 Employees

Categories: Business Services