As a young girl, I lived with my beloved Grandma who passed along her creativity and taught me how to make a house a home. Grandma felt that it was important to give ourselves small rewards and incorporate trinkets and décor that made us smile.  She taught me that it’s okay to take a break, light a candle, and paint or to give yourself the freedom to just be in the moment.
As a mom of three wonderful children, it’s sometimes challenging to give myself those small rewards and breaks and I’m constantly trying to remember my Grandma’s advice. 
I took time for myself to create this line of homemade products. My hope is that these products can act as your small rewards and help to make your house a home by bringing a smile to your face and helping you to enjoy the space you’re in.  I’ve lovingly made these products to deliver professional results without any of the toxins that go into other commercial products, so that I can help make your home as beautiful as possible, naturally. 
Now that my Grandma has passed on, I want to continue her legacy and share it with you! So, take a break light a candle, and do something that brings you joy.  Life is beautiful.
Mary Rivard
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