Lemongrass Asian Grill brings the comfort of culture and home to small-town living in Burlington with their Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese flavors.

With a background of working in the restaurant business for over twenty years, owner Kiki Djali has specialized as a Hibachi and Sushi cuisine chef. His passion for spice and flavor comes through in his cooking with each and every dish that he presents.  Adding a modern flair to existing cultured dishes, their infusion of flavor is undeniable as is their love for cooking.

There’s cooking and then there’s cooking with passion, creativity, and love. Kiki firmly believes in the energy that he puts into their dishes is just as important to the quality of the ingredients. At Lemongrass Asian Grill they offer both. Real cooking is about following your heart not necessarily a recipe. A new take and experience on something that is traditional. They pride themselves in using the freshest of ingredients which makes a huge difference in the kitchen.

Kiki was born in Indonesia and his wife, Yvonne Liu, is from Mainland China. Yvonne has been in the restaurant business for over 18 years with a family background in running and operating a restaurant.

Stop by soon and dine with us indoors or enjoy our new outdoor dining or take-out!

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Membership Level: 3 to 25 Employees

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232 Spielman Hwy
Burlington, CT 06013 US

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