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I began my banking career in mid-2009 at Litchfield Bancorp, which is a very small, five-branch community bank. After 7 years, I switched gears and spent about a year at Bank of America, soon realizing corporate banking was not my cup of tea. I joined Union Savings Bank in 2017. I spent the first year as a teller and customer service rep, transitioned to a mortgage processor, and then slowly continued moving my way into lending. I settled in as a Residential Loan Officer for about four years, and had the opportunity to help friends, family, and people in my community find the home of their dreams! In the Autumn of 2023, I transferred my skills to Total Mortgage and became a Mortgage Banker! The switch gave me the opportunity to still give the same care and guidance but with additional, more up-to-date support for a better client experience! The products and services offered and simply unmatched – there’s a good reason why they’ve been the top lender in the state of CT for the past 5 years!

As I stated above, I’ve worked in banking for 15 years, at different sized institutions. I love working for a company that has a charter aimed at protecting the savings of their families and friends, to benefit the communities surrounding them. Over the years, we’ve watched our community grow around us, and I take pride in having been a part of it. When you plant roots deep into a community, invest in its future, and grow along with it, the dedication holds a special meaning for all involved. Total Mortgage is a forward-thinking institution of trustworthy, dependable advisors unified by our tradition of helping customers and communities grow and prosper financially.

As a Mortgage Banker, I am the clients’ personal guide for the home-buying process and considered the main contact through the loan closing. I help families, friends, and neighbors find the path to homeownership, and financially navigate the largest purchase of their lives. I meet with borrowers to secure the details of a loan, assist them throughout the process, review financial information, submit applications, and monitor their overall status from start to finish. During this time, I have a great opportunity to deepen relationships with new and existing clients! I am also ultimately responsible for business development, educating and guiding customers with their residential loan applications, and providing superior customer service. I am also very passionate about networking and community outreach, and truly enjoy helping first-time homebuyers. I continue being very active with numerous local business and networking organizations in Litchfield, Hartford, and Fairfield County. I am currently licensed in CT, and soon to be licensed in MA, RI, NH, NJ, ME, NY, MD, NC, SC, and FL!