On Tuesday, May 8th we had our Community Awards Dinner at a new location, the Burlington Men’s Club…and we have some thank yous to give out!

  • To the Men’s Club for having a great facility to hold a crowd this size and for all their help before, during and after the event;
  • To the Town of Burlington for allowing us to borrow a podium for the awards ceremony;
  • To our great group of award winners (Ben Dunning, Colleen Ververis & Sue Geissler) that made time out of their busy schedule to attend.  We truly enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm for your award and hearing your heartfelt acceptance speeches.
  • To our Sponsors listed below that made this event possible (quite literally and without hyperbole).  We hope everyone enjoyed the open bar and fine food from Greenhouse Tavern & Cafe;
  • To Kerry Brash & Colleen Ververis for planning and organizing this event;
  • To Yanina Daigle, Peter Bevivino, Chris Borda, Rich Browning, Jerry Burns, Kelly Fectau and I am sure others who helped with the setup, during event activities and cleanup;
  • To Rep. John Piscopo for reaching out and offering State of Connecticut General Assembly Proclamations for our Award Winners.  Thank you also to Sen. Beth Bye for her time.
  • To our affiliate partners at the Northwest CT Chamber and Central CT Chambers who helped out and attended.
  • To our Members who supported this event by attending
  • To Tod Kallenbach, Vice President,  at Dornenburg | Kallenbach Advertising for providing the layout of our dinner program pro bono!  We’ve been a great team over the years!

We hope everyone had a great time, it sure looked like it and once again congratulations to Dunning Industries, Diversified Sweeping & Landscaping, Colleen Ververis and Susan Geissler. You all make our community a wonderful place to live, work and play in!