Part of our Chamber mission is to not only share openings at our Member businesses with their Help Wanted listings, but to help individuals in our community that are looking for employment.

We highly encourage people in the Burlington, Northwest CT and Central CT chambers towns to share their expertise and what they are looking for in a career.  Please remember, this is just a quick form to generate interest and not an exhaustive questionnaire…we’ll leave that up to your interview skills!

Like any new program, we need to spread the word and try to remember to check on things.  Spread the word and find our first candidate’s, Christopher Glazier, information below.

On a personal note, I can vouch for Christopher as he has grown up in my church, I have worked closely with his parents on may projects/tasks and Chris is a young man looking to apply a wealth of knowledge and skills he acquired while at Michigan Technological University.

Thank you ~ Jerry Burns, Burlington Chamber Secretary

Job Search Information

Contact Information:  Christopher Glazier,, LinkedIn Page

Field Of Interest:  Chemical Engineering / Quality Engineering

Please Describe Your Ideal Position

  • In an ideal world, I’d be working as a quality control engineer for a pharmaceutical company.
  • I find hands lab work that revolves around unique problem solving far more interesting than repetitive desk work.
  • The job would involve working in small groups, with solitary work consisting of a less significant portion of time.

Relevant Skills:  X-Ray Fluorescence, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Salt Spray Corrosion Testing

Certifications:  Engineer in Training

Volunteer Work:  Spanish-English Translation Team, Engineers Without Borders Instructor, Michigan Technological University Swing Dancing Club