We have another candidate taking advantage of our Help Needed section.

If you are an employer that is looking for talent with graphic artist and/or manufacturing experience, I think we have a perfect match for you.

Please see the details below and keep checking back to see as it is our hope more people will take advantage of making themselves known to our Business Community!

Job Search Information

Contact Information:  Bruce Supernaugh, bsupernaugh@comcast.net, LinkedIn Profile

Field Of Interest:  Graphic Artist and/or Manufacturing

  • I would like to work in a print shop, sign shop or a screen printing shop.
  • A company that has an in-house graphics department with an opportunity to learn more about web design and/or social media management.
  • A shop that is willing to train me in CNC milling or turning.
  • I would like to learn CAD and get involved in additive manufacturing.
  • An additional field of expertise as a grinding machinist in manufacturing.

Relevant Skills:

  • I have experience with InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • I have experience in designing pages for catalogs and sales flyers.
  • I also have produced and directed a public access television show on Nutmeg TV