How many of our Members would like to get their promotional brochures, menus, pads, pens, magnets or other SWAG to new Burlington residents?

Yeah, so would many of us but how can we do such an endeavor in a cost-effective manner?

Most of us don’t have the time or ability to not only identify the new residents, but to get our material into their hands to welcome them to Burlington.

Well, your Chamber and the Burlington Community Fund have partnered up this year to provide Welcome Bags that get filled up with all things Burlington for our newest residents.

What do you have to do?  Not much, just get your give away materials together and:

  • Deliver to Farmington Bank c/o Rich Browning, Chamber Treasurer and Farmington Bank Branch Manager; OR
  • Bring to a membership meeting which are held the 3rd Thursday of most months; OR
  • Email Janet Schwartz at the Burlington Community Fund letting her know you have materials to get picked up.  She can coordinate volunteers to get them from you.

The Fund volunteers will then fill as many bags with your promotional materials and distribute to new residents.

What a great way to let someone know what goods and services are available in their new community!

The Burlington Community Fund (formerly the Burlington Bell Fund) has been doing this for several years now and with our help will have enough bags for the influx of new residents which was about 200 in the past year and there many new homes still being built!