Hi!  My name is Ellen. I am a life and career coach, ​mother of two, wife, daughter, sister, pet mom, and a corporate IT leader.

I am here to help you with the pressures of your career. Together, we will work to find strategies that make your schedule work for you, your family, and your employer. You can launch your career into success, even if you are currently thinking you are a mess. Learn how to have lovely peaceful weekends with plenty of family and you time. Choose when to work hard, when to play, and when to rest. I want this for you.

If you want to achieve your highest potential, let go of the stress that often comes with a corporate career, and take control of your priorities, your life, and your time, come talk to me. You will tell me the biggest problem you are facing right now, and I will give you a tool you can apply today which will improve your life and career immediately.

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