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Tony Rousseau, proudly a self-made wine professional, recognized his infatuation with the wine industry in his early 20’s. Intrigued by the depth of both fine wine and the vineyard lifestyle, including the environment, process, planning, people, and ultimately the fine wine result, passion fueled his need to know more.

More than 35 years later, Tony has devoted his career to creating close relationships with preeminent wineries domestically and internationally. Surrounding himself with the best in the business, Tony has developed a sixth sense that connects wine to those who also appreciate that wine is part of their everyday lifestyle.

Join Tony as he brings his many years of wine industry experience to our complimentary weekly tastings. Wines from around the world are selected to broaden your palate and increase your familiarity with the many varietals of today. Looking for a special experience? Tony offers private tasting sessions for small groups.

Located in the beautiful historic district of Glastonbury, our shop offers the opportunity to select from a variety of fine wines at affordable prices. Looking for that special gift for a wine lover? Tony will work with you to select the perfect vintage sure to impress. Entertaining guests and not sure what wine to serve with dinner? No matter what the occasion, Tony can pair a wine for the perfect event.