Everything you want to be exists within you.

Our mission is to help you tap into the strengths within you so you can improve ​your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, your relationship with your environment, and your relationship with time.

We’re the creators of The Strengths Within You: Chakra Tea Meditations to awaken your full potential, a  method of healing meditations that incorporates energy healing, herbal teas, journaling, and guided visualizations.

We provide an easy to follow, organized approach to release the energy of old habits while simultaneously tapping into the strengths you already possess and those you want to develop.

Visit poormetea.com to find out more about our meditation card deck and home meditation program.

We’re available for workshops and speaking events in schools, businesses, and libraries.

Here are some of our most popular topics:

  • ​Breathing techniques​ that will not only shift your energy but the energy of the people you interact with throughout the day. 
  • ​Daily habits​ that will bring peace and calmness to your day
  • Tips on choosing herbal teas​ to enhance your meditations 
  • The power of setting intentions ​to bring focus and clarity to   your meditations and your daily life 
  • An understanding of the chakras ​(your energy centers) and how they relate to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being   

Kara Lynch and Josh Black, founders of Poor Me Tea, are residents of Burlington. Kara is a Physician Assistant working in geriatric psychiatry and Josh Black is a program assistant for Oak Hill School.

They also co-founded Inner Peace in our Community with Maryann Burns, a volunteer program to introduce free offerings of meditation, wellness practices, and immersion in nature as a way to help the residents of Burlington and our guests to decrease stress and to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being for themselves and the community!

If you see Kara, ask her about the mama bear story and Josh would love to talk to you about music. 

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